Talking to children about divorce

Informing children about a divorce is never an easy thing. The children are understandably anxious about how their life may change and are mourning the breakup of their family. The method that parents in Florida use to discuss the divorce with the children may set the tone for how the children are able to deal with the divorce in the future.

The key is to be as reassuring as possible when having the initial conversation with the children. Kids will take their cue from adults, and if the adult seems stressed and sad, it will color how the children feel. If it is possible, both parents should have the conversation with the children together and present them with a united front. The talk should be free of recriminations and negativity and should promise that all efforts will be made to preserve the children’s routine.

Parents must also let the children know that they will always be available to talk to the children whenever they need it. The kids should be reminded of how much they are loved by both parents. In addition, parents must tell the children that they are not to blame for the divorce. What parents should not do is try to blame each other to the children. In addition, if there are legal matters, the kids should never know the details of any type of court disputes.

Perhaps the worst thing for the children is when their parents have a contentious and bitter divorce. Hiring a divorce attorney could increase the momentum toward a settlement of the divorce case by giving the parents some separation between themselves and the divorce process. When they retain counsel, parents could spend more time focusing on the children as opposed to having to deal with all of the daily details of the divorce.

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