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Florida Brownfields Redevelopment Program Legislative Update

FLORIDA BROWNFIELDS REDEVELOPMENT PROGRAMLEGISLATIVE UPDATE May 5, 2023 marked a historic day for the redevelopment of brownfields in the state ofFlorida. As a segment of Florida’s tax package (HB 7063), the Florida legislatureauthorized a permanent increase in Voluntary Cleanup Tax Credit funding from $10million annually to $35 million annually. Voluntary Cleanup Tax Credits are Florida’sprimary […]

How Partnering With a Law Firm Can Help With Land Use and Zoning Issues

How Partnering With a Law Firm Can Help With Land Use and Zoning Issues

Land, as the saying goes: they are not making any more of it. With populations growing, and buildable spaces decreasing, building and zoning regulations are rapidly increasing. Partnering with Cobb Cole, a Law Firm that is knowledgeable in Land Use and Zoning Laws is an important step for successful results in your Property Law issues. They […]

Common Land Use Violations You Should Know About

There are some basic land use violations that occur in many counties in Florida. If you are a property owner, whether an individual or a business entity, it is essential to know what you can and cannot do on your property. Standard rules for using your property include issues on fences, septic systems, and what type […]