Does Cheating During Marriage Affect Your Divorce?

Cheating during marriage has become a frequent issue among married couples. This act is the ultimate form of betrayal because it goes against the sacred vows that each spouse agreed upon during their union. The unfortunate truth is that many couples do not get beyond cheating during marriage. Even if they stay together, their relationship […]

Fighting for Fido: Who Gets the Dog After a Divorce?

In the U.S., pets are considered property in a divorce proceeding. This includes dogs and cats, horses, reptiles, birds, and any other type of pet you can imagine. When couples go through a divorce, they tend to have disagreements regarding custody of children and distribution of assets. But once the discussion turns to splitting up a […]

My Ex-Spouse Will Not Follow Court Orders, Now What?

You’ve just been through a long and stressful divorce, and now your ex-spouse will not follow court orders. Although most parties can typically agree on alimony, child custody, and much more, it may be complicated for everyone to follow agreed-up orders. This can cause frustration, anger, and added stress that nobody should experience after a divorce.  […]