Can you make your ex-spouse pay your children’s school fees?

Can you make your ex-spouse pay your children’s school fees?

Your kids go to a high-end school, and they have lots of extracurricular activities. When you and your spouse decided to divorce, you knew that the divorce would be a strain, but what you didn’t expect was just how much of a strain it was going to be.

This year, you’re the primary caregiver. You get child support, but even with your own income, that support isn’t enough to cover everything your kids need. Regardless of that, your ex-spouse is refusing to give any more compensation to you, even if it’s a portion of your children’s school fees. He thinks the private school and expensive hobbies are unnecessary and refuses to pay.

What can you do to try to get your ex-spouse to cover schooling or other expenses related to your children’s upbringing?

Prior to divorce, you could have negotiated for a portion of your children’s school fees and extracurricular costs. Now, you may have to go back to court to seek out a portion of those expenses by filing for a modification of child support, for example. You may also be able to negotiate with your ex-spouse, but if they were not ordered to cover those expenses, they don’t have an obligation to do so.

It’s a smart idea to work with your attorney closely prior to agreeing to settlements if they could impact your children. You always want to bring up things like schooling costs and extracurricular activity expenses, so you can cover those expenses even after the divorce. In some cases, the truth is that the money just won’t be there, and your children may have to adjust to fewer activities or new schools as a result.