Why do you need a co-parenting plan?

Most divorced parents in Florida would agree that they should keep their children out of the conflict. Unfortunately, this is often easier said than done. If you don’t have a parenting plan in place, trying to co-parent with your former spouse can lead to more arguments–and sometimes your kids are caught in the middle.

Why should you write a co-parenting plan?

Once the judge has made a ruling on child custody and visitation, you’ll have to figure out how to co-parent with your former spouse. At first, an informal agreement might seem like enough. But when conflicts inevitably arise, your children might feel like they’re caught in the middle.

A formal written parenting plan could prevent issues and help you and your former spouse stick to a schedule. You can settle disagreements on topics like your children’s education, religion, medical care and other aspects of raising a child. A parenting plan could also help you and your former spouse figure out how to stay in touch. You might not want to exchange phone numbers, but you could use a co-parenting app or stay in touch through social media. Talk to your family law attorney about writing a parenting plan that encompasses various aspects of raising a child.

How could an attorney help you during this time?

When you’re going through a divorce, you might not be thinking clearly. You’ll have to make decisions that could affect you and your children’s lives for the next several months. An attorney could help you stay objective and remember that your children are the most important people in your life.