The benefits of signing a prenuptial agreement

The benefits of signing a prenuptial agreement

Wedding planning is fun for most Daytona residents, from choosing the centerpiece design to selecting the cake. However, drafting a prenuptial agreement before tying the knot is anything but fun. Talking about getting divorced before a couple gets married can seem like a bad omen, but experts agree that such agreements can make couples stronger.

Prenuptial myths

Many couples believe that talking about ending the marriage before it has even started can weaken a marriage. But the reality is that by setting expectations for the road ahead, couples can emerge stronger. Additionally, the process comes with complete transparency about debts and assets and allows couples to engage in an open conversation about their finances and what is important to the other spouse. A frank discussion about career paths, values, and family plans can get people on the same track for the future.

There is also a misconception that a financially strong partner can use the prenuptial to protect his or her assets. However, concluding the agreement while the couple is still on good terms with one another and happy together means that they will be more concerned about the other’s best interests and draft a fair agreement.

Why sign a prenuptial agreement

Parties get a sense of control over their financial future. Nowadays, most couples are living together before tying the knot. As a result, their finances are comingled and hashing out what belongs to who and who gets what in case the marriage ends can promote a sense of security.

A prenuptial agreement or postnuptial agreement isn’t for everyone and if one party feels their partner is pressurizing them into accepting something they are not comfortable with, the resulting agreement may not be enforceable. It might be helpful to speak to an experienced attorney to understand one’s options and how to protect oneself financially in case the marriage comes to an end.