What to discuss with a divorce attorney

What to discuss with a divorce attorney

The divorce process can be a challenging time for a couple and can put a strain on the family. Many people do not know how to even start with the process and they go to the divorce attorney, not just for representation but for guidance and understanding of the legal world. It is important for each potential client to know exactly what will be discussed with an attorney prior to starting the divorce process.

Main issues to discuss

There are many pressing and complex issues that are yet to be understood by the client. It all depends on his or her current reality and the state of the marriage, but the biggest area of concern is the well-being of the child. Needless to say, child custody becomes a major topic of discussion amongst the client and the attorney. In that same vein, there is also a huge concern on visitation rights from the non-custodial party and how will they contribute to the child’s education, health and overall upbringing. Generally, the court system follows a basic principle called “the best interest of the child”. This means that the court will always put the child’s well-being in its top priority.

Other areas of concern that are brought up are issues concerning property and debt divisions. For one, the couple might need to find common ground in the distribution of their personal and real property. There are also concerns about spousal support, such as when will it begin and how long will it last.

This is mainly what is discussed but there are other issues that are brought up, depending on each case. For example, there might have been issues with domestic violence, which is something that should be mentioned in court.

It is important to know that, even though clients have no idea on what to discuss on their first meetings with their attorneys, there should be no concern whatsoever. The attorney will walk them through the process, providing as much help and understanding as possible.