Actions to take and avoid when a divorce is ahead

Actions to take and avoid when a divorce is ahead

When people in Florida get a divorce, they might need to protect themselves financially. People who suspect they are heading for divorce may want to avoid signing any documents without first having an attorney review them.

One man who did this found that although his wife said she was buying a condo and he would not have an obligation if he signed a document, he would actually have been signing onto her loan. One common error that people make in the divorce process is giving into the other’s financial demands to avoid conflict or get the divorce over with. Individuals should try to avoid this temptation since it could hurt them financially. They should also make sure that if they leave their home, they take an inventory of valuable items if they cannot take them with them. Any items the person cannot take should be recorded on video in the house as proof.

Tax documents can be important to showing income. It may help people to think about divorce as a business process. Making a record of all transactions should include mortgage documents, car registration, information on retirement plans and other financial documents.

Individuals may want to consult an attorney before they do anything with their property, such as withdrawing money from a bank account, so it does not appear that they are trying to hide assets or misuse shared assets. An attorney might also help with the negotiation process as the individuals decide what to do with their property. Even if the couple is going through a great deal of conflict, they might be able to reach a resolution through mediation or negotiation. These approaches may be less costly in time and money and could be less stressful than going to court. However, if the couple cannot reach a resolution, an attorney may also assist with litigation.

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