Steps can be taken to protect interests during divorce

Steps can be taken to protect interests during divorce

As Florida residents prepare to file for divorce, there are some steps they can take to protect themselves and their property. Divorce is the end of partnership, and as such, some conflicts might be avoided by being proactive.

Experts recommend making an inventory of everything a person owns both individually and jointly with their spouse before they decide to leave the house in preparation for divorce. Professionals also recommend taking anything that a person considers important and wants to keep with them at the time they leave the house. If that’s not possible, they should document that the item is there through photographs, videos and, whenever possible, receipts.

This process should also include gathering documentation about major purchases such as the home and vehicles, as well as their titles, and credit card, loan and bank statements. Individuals should not forget to add information on any retirement accounts. They should also get a copy of their tax returns before leaving the house as this important information will all be needed once they file for divorce and begin the settlement negotiations and the division of property.

Some divorces are amicable, but other divorces are full of conflict and can lead to problems once the ex-spouses begin negotiating, particularly when there might be issues accounting for property. During the period before filing for divorce, or during the process itself, individuals should not sign any paperwork, such as transferring ownership of properties, before consulting with their lawyer.

Residents of Florida who are preparing to file for divorce might benefit from the guidance and assistance a family law lawyer during the process. The lawyer may explain state legislation regarding the divorce, help the client gather all the documents needed and negotiate on their behalf.