Current health situation may spark increase in divorce filings

Current health situation may spark increase in divorce filings

The ongoing health situation has had a drastic impact on people in Florida and across the nation in many ways. Although Florida has not had as intense a lockdown and quarantine requirements when compared to other states, the need to work from home and spend more time together has created or exacerbated tensions in relationships. Experts believe this may be the catalyst to a rise in divorce filings. For people who are considering this option, it is important to understand various factors about a case including child custody, child support, property division and alimony.

Relationships strained by the ongoing health crisis

According to counselors in family dynamics and mental health, the ongoing health crisis has been the spark for acrimony in many relationships. That is expected to lead to a rising number of people who decide to end their marriage and move on. The issues range from financial considerations, the need to work from home, the stress of job loss and other problems. In some instances, people are simply realizing that they did not have a positive relationship before, but did not know it because they were not spending much time together.

Because the health challenges and life changes have been ongoing for around six months, it has resulted in strained marriages. For background, reporters spoke to those in the legal industry and found some who were noticing an uptick in consultations and caseloads of people who are moving forward with a divorce. Others have seen a reduction, so the true aftermath of the pandemic and how it is impacting families is not fully known. While some relationships might be salvageable, many are not. Moving on might be preferable to unhappiness and the negative environment it creates, especially if there are children involved.

Regardless of what led to the decision that a divorce might be the wisest course of action, it is useful to be protected with help from an experienced legal professional. Whether it is a high-asset divorce with a business, bank accounts and investments at stake or there are fewer assets, there will be myriad aspects to address. That includes support, custody, parenting time and property division. For advice and guidance, it is beneficial to consult with a firm that understands family law and divorce.