Miller Leads the YLD

Educate. Advocate. Serve.

Katherine Hurst Miller, the new Young Lawyers Division president, specified those three goals during her installation speech at the 2016 Florida Bar Annual Convention in Orlando.

“You can help us educate, advocate, and serve. Be a speaker or advisor for us. Be a change agent with us. Listen to us. Listen withus. And help us serve those who need lawyers most,” she proclaimed.

Miller has served on the YLD Board of Governors for six years, and as the new president, implored all attorneys to find “one young lawyer to watch out for,” and to support the work of the YLD board.

“In this coming year, I’m asking everyone in this room for your continued support. Find one young lawyer and support that person. Find someone to hire. To promote. To give paid parental leave. To invite to that important meeting. To co-counsel. To treat professionally even if that person makes a mistake. Because somewhere out there are the future bar leaders, our future judges, our future law firm presidents, our future innovators. And we need to keep them in the profession and encourage them. Inspire them. Empower them,” she said.

Miller is a partner with the firm of Cobb Cole, P.A., in Daytona Beach, where she focuses on commercial contract and tort disputes, insurance agent defense, and condo and homeowners’ association practice. In 2006, she graduated cum laude from the Stetson University College of Law. Read more here…