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3 Reasons Why Mediation is a Top Dispute Resolution Method

Are you having a problem with a construction project, a real estate deal, or a supplier to your business? Your next step could be calling in your legal team and filing a lawsuit. However, you may want to consider the consequences – construction will come to a halt, you will lose the property deal, and/or your critical supplier won’t work with you again. A wise choice may be to pursue mediation first. It is a top dispute resolution method and with the skilled mediators at Cobb Cole, it could help you resolve your business concerns more efficiently.

Potentially Preserve Key Business Relationships

There is nothing that can irreparably damage a business relationship like filing a lawsuit or receiving notice that one has been filed against you. No matter what the circumstances, a lawsuit almost always destroys the trust you have had with your business associate. Regardless of the outcome, even if you prevail, it will likely be a hollow victory. Your project won’t be the same with a new contractor, the perfect property will be gone, or the supplier who had a crucial product may no longer work with you. Choosing the alternative resolution method of mediation is a great first step in both resolving the situation and salvaging a valuable relationship.

Mediation allows you to work together to reach a mutually agreeable solution and keep your business relationships intact. Truly a win-win model instead of the traditional court process which is win-lose. You may have spent years carefully nurturing these important relationships so it is critical that you work hard to preserve them too.

Greater Control of the Legal Process

Another benefit of mediation is that your settlement should work best for your specific circumstances. Due to the legal structure and procedures, judges do not have a lot of freedom to craft creative solutions. By its very formal nature, the law tends to be black and white with lawyers making arguments and judges issuing their rulings. Mediation is a more collaborative process with each side meeting together in an informal setting to talk with each other guided by the mediator. This relaxed process lets you meet with a neutral third-party mediator and each side can air their grievances in a less adversarial process. This often leads to greater understanding, less anger, and less stress. More discussion and negotiating and less fighting benefit everyone and again helps preserve the relationship.

Rather than spending large amounts of time and expense on traditional legal hoops like exchanging paperwork called discovery (posing and responding to a lot of questions), you can discuss the issues face to face and work out a personalized solution. These custom resolutions are almost always better for everyone than the decisions made by a judge who really does not have time to learn about you and your issues. Your business deserves a solution that is tailored to you not a one size fits all traditional legal ruling.

Faster and More Cost Effective

In mediation, you work with your attorney and mediator to schedule meeting times that work for you. Instead of waiting months for a break in an overburdened court calendar, you can generally start and finish the process much faster than the court process. Instead of generating and filing dueling paperwork, you can discuss things in person and file papers agreeing to a resolution. In fact, your Cobb Cole Business Lawyer may be able to help you avoid court altogether with mediation and a resolution of the business dispute before filing court papers. That will save you even more time and court fees. It is important to contact your Cobb Cole lawyer before a lawsuit is filed, if possible. Again, their highly qualified attorneys can guide you through the mediation process and may even be able to circumvent court. This confidential and collaborative process is a great way to try to resolve your business law issues.

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