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Administrative Law Cases: How Can Cobb Cole Help?

The Florida Administrative Procedure Act (APA) governs disputes between entities and individuals that state agencies regulate. If you have dealings with organizations like professional licensing boards, land use agencies, or any other administrative offices with complicated red tape challenges, a firm specializing in administrative law can help.

Cobb Cole’s Administrative Law attorneys are widely respected and recognized for their work representing businesses and individuals in their interactions with state, regional, and local agencies, as well as other regulatory authorities. Our expertise encompasses a broad range of public interest, governmental, and regulatory matters.

What is Administrative Law?

Florida is a highly regulatory and regulated state. The APA, which governs how agencies adopt rules and dictates how those affected by those rules can challenge them, is complex. Administrative action involving these very specific procedures and regulations requires the skills of attorneys who understand this unique regulatory landscape.

Administrative law matters are numerous and varied and can include:

  • Administrative hearings and proceedings.
  • Licensing and permitting.
  • Judicial review of administrative and agency actions.
  • Rule and rulemaking challenge proceedings.
  • Professional discipline hearings.
  • State and local boards.
  • Agency rules variances and waivers.
  • Competitive bid and procurement protests.
  • Medical Program Integrity and Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) due process hearings.
  • Substantial interest hearings under the APA.

Cobb Cole’s team routinely engages with agencies and governments at every level. Their wide-ranging collective experience and capabilities make them ideally equipped to assist individuals and organizations in every facet of an administrative law matter. They are well-versed in all aspects of APA and other regulations, including regulatory compliance.

Florida’s Regulatory Agencies

Florida has numerous state agencies, each having its own rules and laws that apply to individuals, businesses, and other entities subject to regulation. Each agency can have multiple divisions that are also “agencies.” For instance, the state’s Department of Financial Services is an agency with dozens of divisions, including the Workers Compensation and Consumer Services Divisions, both of which are also deemed agencies. State commissions, regional planning agencies, school boards, and other entities specified in Florida’s statutes are likewise considered agencies under the APA. However, Florida courts, The Florida Legislature, counties, and municipalities are not agencies unless a non-APA statute confers that status on them.

As you can see, the number of regulations and procedural rules, together with the interplay between law and policy, make administrative law extremely complex, with many areas requiring specialized knowledge in specific industries or fields. Its dynamic nature means regulations and policies frequently change, requiring attorneys to stay up-to-date on the latest developments.

Cobb Cole has built a solid reputation in administration law, helping individuals and businesses navigate its complexities while protecting their rights. As a multi-disciplinary firm working in nearly every industry affected by Florida law, we provide administrative law services to specific sectors including construction and design, employment and labor, land use and zoning, real estate, and various environmental compliance issues.

Whether you’re dealing with a federal, state, or other agency administrative law issue, Cobb Cole’s legal team can help guide you through the maze of regulations, ensuring compliance and advocating for your interests. We work closely with you to develop effective strategies that address your unique needs and objectives. Our commitment to excellence and our client-centric approach make us your trusted partner in achieving the best possible outcome for your administrative law matter.

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