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Cobb Cole’s Commitment to Community

Winston Churchill once noted, “We make a living by what we get, but make a life by what we give.”

At Cobb Cole, we believe that being an integral part of the community is a responsibility every successful business should embrace. It’s a principle our law firm has exemplified for nearly a century. Our commitment goes beyond legal expertise. We know that giving back to those who have supported us all these decades strengthens the community and our team, fostering a sense of unity, generosity, and purpose.

From supporting memorial races to helping provide food to those in need, giving back is one of Cobb Cole’s favorite ways to help sustain the lives of our neighbors. Our entire legal team is dedicated to making a positive difference through community involvement!

2023 Toy Drive for Community Partnership for Children

Boosting a child’s well-being is one of the best ways to forge a strong foundation for our society’s future. In December, we were proud to pair with Geri Westfall Real Estate in her annual toy drive for foster children. One of Geri’s passion projects since 2012, the toy drive benefits children receiving assistance from the Community Partnership for Children in Volusia, Flagler, and Putnam counties.

As a 501(c)(3) non-profit agency, Community Partnership partners with local businesses, county governments, the faith-based community, volunteer mentors, and foster parents to address the ever-changing needs of the children they support.

Businesses and individuals make monetary contributions or donate new, unwrapped toys. They can also sponsor a group of children. This year, Westfall (a Community Partnership board member) and her team shopped for approximately 150 kids, all of whom have been removed from their homes and are living with someone other than their natural parents. For most of these children, living in a foster home, group home, or non-relative placement situation can be challenging, particularly during the holidays.

Fulfilling a Child’s Holiday Dream

Whether giving traditional holiday toys or finding creative ways to satisfy each child’s dream, the three fulfilled wishes are often the only gifts the children receive for Christmas.

As someone who has enjoyed tremendous business success, Westfall works extremely hard each year to make this one day of the year special for all the children. While the drive provides gifts for all children up to age 17, Westfall is now used to getting the older children assigned to her, as other participants find them more challenging to buy for. But she admits that shopping for teens isn’t quite as “fun” as buying baby doll strollers and fire trucks for the young ones. And the presents for older kids tend to be more expensive, averaging $200 to $300 per child. However, she’s not complaining, as the joy is in seeing a child’s dream come true, no matter what their age.

What Community Involvement Teaches Us

When organizations engage in community service, they learn about empathy, teamwork, and the significant impact of their presence beyond the business world. By understanding the needs and challenges their clients and customers face, they foster a deeper connection and responsibility towards those they serve. While their engagement is focused on philanthropy, it’s also a powerful tool for organizational development.

Through various services to their communities, businesses, including law firms, can also discover innovative ways to solve problems inspired by the diverse experiences and perspectives they encounter. Their exposure to different community segments can enhance a firm’s adaptability and creativity, essential traits in the contemporary business landscape. Moreover, staff members who participate in these activities typically gain a sense of fulfillment and motivation, which boosts workplace morale and proficiency.

With its century-old tradition of community service, Cobb Cole has witnessed firsthand the transformative power of giving back. We hope, of course, that our involvement with local philanthropic organizations has enriched the communities we serve. But it has also fundamentally shaped our firm’s ethos and practices. As we look forward to another century of service, we remain committed to the ideals of generosity and responsibility. We wish everyone a wonderful holiday season filled with the joy and warmth of community spirit.

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