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How Partnering With a Law Firm Can Help With Land Use and Zoning Issues

Land, as the saying goes: they are not making any more of it. With populations growing, and buildable spaces decreasing, building and zoning regulations are rapidly increasing. Partnering with Cobb Cole, a Law Firm that is knowledgeable in Land Use and Zoning Laws is an important step for successful results in your Property Law issues. They will guide you through the forest of rules that are constantly evolving and changing.

There are some key benefits of partnering with the Land Use and Zoning Law Firm of Cobb Cole. They can help you with the following:

  • Navigating Local Rules and Regulations
  • Obtaining Zone Changes
  • Getting Zoning Variances
  • Arranging Conditional Uses
  • Handling Land Use Appeals

Understand Local Rules

Land Use and Zoning Laws are generally not written in plain language and most local towns, cities, and counties will not help walk you through the laws or the permit process for buildings or zoning issues. That is why it is so important to partner with a skilled team who understands the laws and the steps needed to apply for permits and zone changes. In order to be successful, it is important to work with people who understand the system and how to navigate it. Often, a land use issue that could be difficult can be handled successfully if approached properly. Notifying neighbors and knowing how to address public leaders’ concerns in public meetings are invaluable skills.

Zone Changes

If you want to use your property in a way that is not currently allowed, one option is to obtain a change in the zoning from the local city or town governing the area. Similarly, if you want to build a business in an area where such a business is not currently allowed, a zone change is needed. A zone change can be granted for a variety of reasons such as growth in the area, the need for economic opportunity, and or formalizing changes that already exist in the area. For example, if there are already similar businesses operating nearby, there is a good argument to be made that it is fair to change the zone to reflect the current situation. The team at Cobb Cole can assist you with obtaining a zone change to start or grow your business.


It is common to read the zoning rules and think that they are black and white but in reality, there is a lot of leeway in most planning regulations and zoning laws. The Cobb Cole Law Firm can help you with obtaining a variance. A variance is a legal way to make changes to existing Land Use and Zoning Laws for specific good reasons. Often compelling arguments citing fairness and public good can be made for adjustments that can allow your business project to go forward. For example, if your building expansion needs to be X size for your new equipment and that would be five feet too close to a property line, a variance of the code could be granted so that you can use your property in a way necessary for your business growth.

Conditional Uses

Perhaps you want to build a small grocery store in the corner of a residential neighborhood where commercial businesses are not permitted. A zone change may not be allowed in the area but another option is conditional use. Cobb Cole may be able to obtain a conditional use for your business by persuading the local planning commission that you will be serving an important need (food for the community) in the neighborhood. You will have a partner in the public hearings which can be stressful. They can address neighbors’ concerns by arranging lighting, parking, and noise restrictions. A win-win for all involved. There are so many ways a skilled Planning and Zoning Law Firm like Cobb Cole can work for you and your business.

Don’t Take No For An Answer

Land Use law often has many secret roads that are hidden from the general public. For example, planning commissions or city planners will not tell you that you can appeal to a higher authority, like a Board of Adjustments if you get a negative ruling or a denial of your zoning request. The Planning and Zoning team at the Cobb Cole Law Firm knows about these special options and will guide you through them. Better yet, consult them before you file your paperwork and hopefully, you will not need to make an appeal. But this is a great example of an option that is not generally known but that can save your project and get your business going.

Cobb Cole Planning and Zoning Lawyers

Planning and Zoning Laws are intricate and can be quite complicated so you need to partner with a Law Firm that is skilled and knowledgeable in Property Law like Cobb Cole. Their knowledge is powerful and can help you build your business.

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