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Key Benefits of Having a Contract Lawyer: Why It’s Important

Whether you are about to buy a multi-million dollar business or a small vacation home, you need a contract lawyer to review all your legal documents before you sign them and make sure that your interests are protected. You have worked hard for your assets and you do not want to lose them.

When Do You Need A Contract Lawyer?

  • Negotiating a new contract – buying or selling property or a business
  • Before you sign a new business, employment, or purchase agreement
  • If you have any old signed contracts that have not been reviewed for legal issues
  • Renegotiating a prior contract (lease extension or other renewal)
  • Entering into new contracts for business transactions, employee agreements, etc. 
  • Being sued for a contract issue? You need a Contract Lawyer representing you and reviewing your contracts

Understanding Legalese

While some contracts are written in plain language, unfortunately, it’s much more common for them to be full of obscure legal terms known as legalese. It is easier to do things right the first time and that is very true of contracts. If you have a knowledgeable Contract Lawyer from Cobb Cole review your contracts before they are signed, they can help you prevent many future problems. Legal language can include loopholes that can be hard to see and cause a lot of problems. Your lawyer will help you understand and avoid the pitfalls of legal loopholes

It is generally simpler to resolve issues at the early negotiation stage of a contract when you have more bargaining power. It is much harder to resolve costly issues after a contract is signed and you are legally obligated to follow the terms. You have very little leverage at that point.

New Contracts

While it is always good to have contracts drafted by your own Contract Lawyer, that is not always practical or necessary. Your attorney can assist you by reviewing a proposed contract and helping you make necessary changes. This service is often a good way to protect yourself for a more modest cost. Many contracts are standard and use time-tested language. These just need to be reviewed. This is especially true for routine transactions and those involving small amounts of money. The more unusual the business endeavor or the larger the amount of money involved, the more important it is to have your Contract Lawyer involved from the beginning of the enterprise. They can help you negotiate terms and watch out for potential pitfalls.

Existing Contracts

Another important service your Cobb Cole Contract Lawyer can provide is a thorough review of pre-existing or already signed contracts. If there are terms that are unfair or improper or one-sided, they can renegotiate to resolve those issues before there is a problem. They can also help you get yourself out of a bad contract. There are many options available to protect you and your business. Most companies will want to keep your business and will be willing to work out new terms rather than fight to enforce an unfair contract and ruin a business relationship, especially if it is profitable for them.

In these times of word processing with all the constant cutting and pasting, it is easy for a keyword or term or even a whole critical clause to be accidentally left out of a contract. A review of all important contracts is a key way to protect yourself and your business. If there are items in the contract that are typographical errors (typos) or terms that are clearly missing, a revised contract is definitely in order and most legitimate businesses will understand and work with you and your Contract Lawyer. 

Finding a Contract Lawyer Who Knows You, Your Business, and Local Law

Your Cobb Cole Contract Lawyer will get to know you and what your business needs. They know the critical terms that must be included in your contracts. They will work to negotiate on your behalf to get you the best agreements and contract terms possible. They also know the legal language that is and is not allowed in the places where you do business. A standard contract full of boilerplate terminology may include provisions that are not valid in your county or state. This can lead to legal trouble. Similarly, such a standard contract may also be missing clauses that need to be included to protect you. That is why it is important to work with a knowledgeable local legal team like Cobb Cole who keeps up to date on the law and the frequent changes to it.

Cobb Cole Contract Law

Cobb Cole can help you draft contracts that will secure your rights. They will also assist you in reviewing new contracts before you sign them. And they can also review existing contracts for potential problems and renegotiate them if needed. Their knowledgeable team will help your business work for you.

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