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Move Past Land Use and Zoning Complications With the Help of a Lawyer

If you are having property or zoning issues, you’ll need a skilled Land Use, Zoning, Environmental, or Real Estate Lawyer in your corner. Whether you are a homeowner having a fight over a neighbor’s fence or a business owner battling a city over zoning regulations for a new project, Cobb Cole can help you use your land the way you want to. With almost 100 years of serving the Florida legal community and solving land use and zoning problems, they will assist you in resolving your real estate issues.

Real Estate Issues Handled By Cobb Cole

The skilled Real Estate Legal Team features lawyers who have been certified by the State Bar of Florida in the areas of Real Estate and Construction Law, as well as Civil Mediation (Supreme Court Certified). The Firm is trained to accurately help you with any Land Use and Zoning complications you may face as a homeowner, landlord, or property developer. They handle a wide range of Real Estate issues including the following:

  • Zoning Issues including Variances and Zone Changes
  • Zoning Law in City/Municipalities, County, State, and Federal Jurisdictions
  • Property Disputes – Fences, Trees, Property Lines 
  • Residential Property Use Planning
  • Subdivisions, Master Plan Developments
  • Commercial Property Development and Planning
  • Building and Construction Law
  • Home Owner and Condominium Association Law
  • State and Federal Environmental Issues including Wetlands and Superfund Sites
  • Property Sales, Contracts, Closings (Buyer or Seller)
  • Landlord/Tenant Issues – Leases
  • Tax Increments, Tax Credits, and other Financing Strategies
  • Tax Consequences of Property Sales
  • Estate Planning and Property Transfers
  • Mediation of Property, Planning, and Development Disputes
  • Planning and Zoning Guidance for Cities and Towns

And the above list is just some of the Real Estate or Property Law areas in which Cobb Cole can provide legal assistance to you personally or your business through consultations, mediation, and litigation. Cobb Cole’s Land Use Lawyers can help you resolve your Property Law setbacks and turn them into stepping stones to progress and development.

Planning and Zoning

Whether you are a small property owner who wants to add a building to your backyard or needs to subdivide a property to add another home, Cobb Cole can help you navigate the complex planning and zoning laws to make your project a reality. If your business needs to get a variance or zone change in order to build a new resort or master-planned development, they have the trained Real Estate Lawyers to make that happen. Or are you a town or city that needs a review and update of your current planning and zoning code? The Firm can get your P & Z code up to date. They can even help your department with training and continuing education.

Skilled Land Use Lawyers

The Land and Property Lawyers at Cobb Cole have diverse backgrounds and business experience including a former city planner. This depth of education and knowledge of the Real Estate and Property fields combined with a collaborative approach to sharing knowledge within the team may serve you well. You can have a qualified team working for you and helping you overcome your property law issues. Your land and property are your most valuable assets and you will want a skilled group protecting them.

Contact Cobb Cole

There is no need to battle through complex property law issues on your own when you can work with the trained team of Land Use Lawyers at Cobb Cole. They will explore all options including mediation to resolve your legal issues. Contact them today via phone or email for help with your Land Use and Zoning issues.

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