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Protect Your Intellectual Property With Cobb Cole’s Attorneys

Intellectual Property Law or IP can sound intimidating but it really just means protecting the ideas, creations, and inventions that are the heart of your business. You may not realize you need help in this area but most businesses do. Just think what would have happened to Colonel Sanders and KFC if he had not protected his secret recipe of 11 herbs and spices. Or if Nike had not trademarked “Just Do It” and their iconic swoosh symbol. Think of the catchy Band-Aid – “stuck on you” jingle. All of these businesses started out small but luckily they worked with skilled Intellectual Property Lawyers to protect their valuable assets. The IP Team at Cobb Cole is trained to assist you will all your business needs.

Great Ideas

Almost every productive business is built upon unique and creative ideas. These important pieces of information are critical keystones to the success of your business. You don’t need to be a rocket scientist or fine artist to need IP protection. For example, if you operate a restaurant or even a food truck, your menu should be protected by copyright, and your product names, logos, color schemes, and business names should be protected by trademark filings. Your valuable recipes can be covered as trade secrets and you can protect them further by having employees sign non-disclosure agreements that prevent them from sharing them with others. That is just one example of the importance of your information and how the Cobb Cole IP Team can work with you in protecting and growing your business.

Trade Secrets and Peace of Mind

In our information age, information and ideas are king. The race to the “Shark Tank” is a real thing. If another business gets a similar idea out of the gate first and files the proper Intellectual Property protections, your fledgling business could be in big trouble. Even if you already have an established operation, without IP protection, the new business could prevail over your endeavor. As a new operation, if you work with the Cobb Cole IP Team, you can set up the right coverage for your new business. As an existing business, now is the time to have a review to make sure you have the appropriate protections in place. If you are merging with another business, an IP and Contract Team are key to protecting your trade secrets and other creative ideas. You may be surprised by the protections available and how the things that seem like standard ideas to you may actually be unique inventions that can be patented. A fresh and skilled set of eyes reviewing your endeavor can really benefit your business interests.

Cobb Cole’s Intellectual Property Team

The IP team at Cobb Cole has several qualified and experienced members. Notably, Heather Bond Vargas is one of only 122 Intellectual Property Attorneys certified by the Florida State Bar Board. This certification requires a proven record of experience and knowledge demonstrated through testing in patent, trademark, copyright, and trade secret law. Additionally, fellow lawyers must attest to their competence and professionalism for them to receive certification. The Team also works with the Business Law and Corporate Litigation Teams to enforce your property rights.

Protect Your New or Ongoing Business

Cobb Cole lawyers are ready to help your new or existing business grow and prosper by using the protections of Intellectual Property Law. Your great ideas have helped build your business, now make sure they and your hard work are safeguarded by working with the Cobb Cole Team.

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