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Real Estate Situations Where Hiring a Real Estate Law Attorney is Key

Whether you are buying a home or developing a large real estate project, you will benefit from working with the trusted team of Real Estate Lawyers at Cobb Cole. As well as if you are facing zoning, land use, or estate planning issues. Real estate transactions are among the largest dollar-value transactions that both individuals and businesses will be involved in throughout their lifetime as buyers or sellers, so experienced legal guidance is key. And for businesses, they may also be make-or-break critical endeavors. Cobb Cole attorneys can help you successfully navigate through any real estate deal and make your sale or dream purchase come true. Take advantage of their nearly 100 years of Real Estate Law service in Daytona Beach and Central Florida, an impressive track record.

Residential and Commercial Real Estate

Whether you are buying or selling a home or business property, it is important to have a Real Estate Lawyer draft your contract or review it and advise you. They will handle the closing, financing transactions, and issue title insurance and title opinions. Cobb Cole’s attorneys work with a team of engineers and other experts that can assist you with ground leases or contracts, mineral leasing, and ground stability issues. Your Cobb Cole lawyer will make sure that the property taxes have been paid, the property’s title is clear, and handle the closing.

Your Cobb Cole Real Estate attorney will not only draft any needed contracts or review the existing contracts but they will make sure that your interests are protected. The trained team can let you know if the contract is fair and standard or too restrictive. They can help negotiate or renegotiate if the rates are not in line with area standards. They will review your project needs with their engineers and determine if the existing zoning fits the new building. You do not want to buy a property for a hotel and then not be able to build it. Your lawyer can draft an agreement making the sale conditional on receiving a zone change. That way if you do not get the zone change you can cancel the sale. Correct zoning is just one issue that Cobb Cole Law can spot and resolve for you.

Your attorney can negotiate for you and ensure that your sale or purchase is on the right track. Whether you are signing a lease for a small office space or working on building a hotel, it is important to have a skilled Real Estate attorney in your corner. Cobb Cole’s work in Real Estate Law helps protect you and your finances. This is especially important if there are potential easement, ground stability, flooding, or other serious issues involved with the property.

Real Estate and Estate Planning

Since real estate is so valuable handling the estate planning issues related to passing it on requires highly qualified Real Estate Law advisors. This is not the place to use do-it-yourself forms. The Cobb Cole Estate Planning team will review your assets and unique issues and create the proper estate planning documents for your situation. This includes drafting wills, revocable and irrevocable trusts, and other pertinent documents to minimize taxes paid and maximize the assets that are transferred to your estate and successors. They will also assist you in ensuring that you have the assets you need in retirement. 

Comprehensive Real Estate and Estate Planning Legal Services

Cobb Cole Real Estate Lawyers are ready to help you with all your Real Estate legal needs. For both residential or commercial transactions, land use and zoning, and estate planning, call Cobb Cole for a review today at 386-255-8171.

Comprehensive legal services so you always know who to call.

At Cobb Cole we’ve stacked the deck. Each of our talented attorneys provide uniquely specialized service areas enabling us to offer an expansive variety of essential services to our clients. For each service we offer, multiple attorneys on our team collaborate together so that you get the best service available.

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