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The Value of Diversity and Collaboration Within A Law Firm

If you are looking for a hard-working law firm to help you, one thing to examine is the diversity and the different attorneys that are working in the firm. Another hallmark of a great firm is how the attorneys collaborate and work together for the best outcomes for clients. The diverse group of attorneys at Cobb Cole have a wide variety of educational backgrounds, prior work experience, and interests that add value to their clients and the community they serve.

How Diversity and Collaboration Improve Legal Services

You may be wondering why diversity matters in choosing a law firm. It is an important factor in quality legal services for a variety of reasons. You’ve heard the saying”more heads are better than one” because listening to different people is beneficial. Having a diverse team results in better decision-making and better problem-solving. And since legal work is mostly problem-solving, you can see why diversity is critical. Having a team with a wide variety of backgrounds brings diverse insights and helps develop innovations and creative solutions.

A Few Highlights of the Diverse Backgrounds Found at Cobb Cole


Kathleen Crotty is an Accountant, Attorney, and Local Business Leader. In addition to her Juris Doctor (JD), she has a Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree and is a Certified Public Accountant (CPA). She worked as a Senior Accountant with the prestigious firm Price Waterhouse. This allows her to effectively represent her Estate Planning clients and share this experience collaboratively with her fellow Cobb Cole Business Lawyers. This is an invaluable knowledge base for the Law Firm. Ms. Crotty served as the chairperson of the United Way Foundation, the Halifax Humane Society Leadership Team, and worked with an art museum and university to name a few of her interests and services.

NASA Fellow

James Peter Love is a NASA Fellow, and a Business and Intellectual Property Lawyer. Before law school, he obtained a Bachelor of Science, Biochemistry degree (magna cum laude). He was then selected for a NASA Fellowship where he researched inorganic chemistry and magnetic refrigeration technology. He was also a student-athlete competing on the men’s soccer team. This diverse experience helps him represent his Corporate and Business Law clients and Intellectual Property Clients. It also helps him share this knowledge with his fellow attorneys in the Cobb Cole Law Firm. Whether there is a question about NASA or Biochemistry, he can add value to the Firm’s team and clients.

Homeless Advocate, and Hiker

Native Floridian, Jessica Gow, is an environmental advocate. During law school, she worked with a variety of environmental causes including the Save the Manatees Club, and the Surfrider Club. This experience allows her to ably assist her clients in Environmental Law and Land Use and Zoning Law. She serves on the executive board of the Volusia County Association for Responsible Development. She supports Homes Bring Hope, an organization devoted to eliminating homelessness in Volusia County. In addition, she loves hiking with her husband and two dogs. Her diverse background enhances the Cobb Cole Firm and the services they provide.

Collaboration is a Key Asset

A key attribute of an effective Law Firm is collaboration and working together. Cobb Cole’s team approach embraces this hallmark of a productive Firm. Not only do their Lawyers work together in teams but they also seek advice and assistance from the other Cobb Cole teams to get the best information and outcome for their clients. You will benefit from this approach.

A Law Firm Committed to Serve Clients and the Community

The Cobb Cole team is ready to help you with your legal needs. They have served the community for almost 100 years and will help you resolve your legal issues today.

Comprehensive legal services so you always know who to call.

At Cobb Cole we’ve stacked the deck. Each of our talented attorneys provide uniquely specialized service areas enabling us to offer an expansive variety of essential services to our clients. For each service we offer, multiple attorneys on our team collaborate together so that you get the best service available.

Daytona Beach

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