Ensuring employment contracts protect your business

More and more companies and businesses located in the Daytona Beach region are using employment contracts to create a mutually equitable working arrangement. While contracts can and do help cultivate excellent working relationships, they can also leave your business unprotected if not drafted correctly.

Our law firm has a good record of serving workers and employers in the state of Florida. Over the years, we have picked up several excellent strategies in contract negotiation and creation. We would like to share some of these contract strategies with our business owner readers to help them make certain their employment contracts protect them as well as their workers.

Get an attorney evaluation

Before giving your new employee the contract, have a lawyer look over the document to make sure your company remains protected. This can ensure that you have left no loophole a new worker can use to take advantage of you or your business.

Add a no-poaching clause

This can prevent an employee who is leaving your company from recruiting more of your workers to join him or her in a new job.

Technology statements

If you provide your staff with computers, cellphones and other forms of technology, make sure your employment contracts detail how and when workers can use these tech devices.

Dispute resolution details

Unfortunately, disputes between workers and senior staff members can occur and often without any forewarning. By adding dispute resolution instructions to your employment contracts, you can avoid costly and time-consuming lawsuits filed by unhappy workers.

Whether your company is brand new or you are simply interested in revamping your employment contracts, careful consideration is crucial in creating protections for yourself and your workers. Keep reading our employment law section for more details about business and corporate law.