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Litigation Strategies Built With Cobb Cole: Here’s What You Can Expect

Litigation Strategies Built With Cobb Cole: Here's What You Can Expect

Whether you’re the plaintiff or defendant in a lawsuit, winning your case depends greatly on the litigation strategy your attorney creates. A litigation strategy is a comprehensive plan designed to achieve the best outcome for your legal matter, including settlement before trial. The litigation attorneys at Cobb Cole have been defending their clients’ interests for […]

3 Reasons Why a Mediator may be Necessary

3 Reasons Why a Mediator may be Necessary

Florida is home to more than 8,000 mediators, and mediation has become a cornerstone in the state’s judicial system. It’s often mandated in civil and family cases before a case can go to trial, saving the parties time, money, and stress. Cobb Cole attorneys have frequently served as mediators in cases involving business disputes, real […]

Litigation vs. Mediation: What’s the Difference?

Litigation vs. Mediation: What's the Difference?

Legal disputes can often escalate to where one or both parties feel the only solution is to head to court. But while there are times when going to trial is advantageous, particularly in criminal cases, it’s usually best for plaintiffs and defendants to settle their legal matter outside the courtroom. In Florida, parties to a […]