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Mediation: How Cobb Cole’s Attorneys Help Negotiate Solutions

Mediation: How Cobb Cole's Attorneys Help Negotiate Solutions

Anyone who’s been through the often contentious and costly Litigation process has likely thought, “There must be a better way.” While some legal matters can only be resolved in the courtroom, Mediation is generally a better choice, offering much higher success rates and lower legal expenses. When expertly guided by a qualified attorney, Mediation saves […]

5 Matters Cobb Cole’s Civil Litigation Attorneys Can Help You Resolve

5 Matters Cobb Cole's Civil Litigation Attorneys Can Help You Resolve

In the complex world of litigation, having a skilled attorney by your side offers more than just a mere advantage; it can be the difference between a protracted battle and an expeditious, strategic path to resolution. Cobb Cole has defended its clients’ interests in Civil Litigation matters for nearly a century. Since day one, our firm […]

Top Five Reasons to Choose Mediation Over Litigation

Top Five Reasons to Choose Mediation Over Litigation

As long-time litigators, the attorneys at Cobb Cole fully understand why many clients want to pursue litigation to resolve their legal matters. The desire for validation, a belief in legal precedence, and the perception they will receive a fair and impartial judgment make litigation an attractive choice. They hold a firm conviction that: These perceptions […]

If Litigation is Imminent, Here’s What You Can Expect

If Litigation is Imminent, Here's What You Can Expect

While nearly any legal case can potentially end up in a trial, only a minority of cases actually head to litigation. If all other attempts, including mediation, do not satisfactorily resolve your legal matter, you might find yourself facing a court battle. While some people prefer their case be decided by a judge or jury, […]

Litigation Strategies Built With Cobb Cole: Here’s What You Can Expect

Litigation Strategies Built With Cobb Cole: Here's What You Can Expect

Whether you’re the plaintiff or defendant in a lawsuit, winning your case depends greatly on the litigation strategy your attorney creates. A litigation strategy is a comprehensive plan designed to achieve the best outcome for your legal matter, including settlement before trial. The litigation attorneys at Cobb Cole have been defending their clients’ interests for […]

3 Reasons Why a Mediator may be Necessary

3 Reasons Why a Mediator may be Necessary

Florida is home to more than 8,000 mediators, and mediation has become a cornerstone in the state’s judicial system. It’s often mandated in civil and family cases before a case can go to trial, saving the parties time, money, and stress. Cobb Cole attorneys have frequently served as mediators in cases involving business disputes, real […]

Litigation vs. Mediation: What’s the Difference?

Litigation vs. Mediation: What's the Difference?

Legal disputes can often escalate to where one or both parties feel the only solution is to head to court. But while there are times when going to trial is advantageous, particularly in criminal cases, it’s usually best for plaintiffs and defendants to settle their legal matter outside the courtroom. In Florida, parties to a […]