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Mediation: How Cobb Cole’s Attorneys Help Negotiate Solutions

Anyone who’s been through the often contentious and costly Litigation process has likely thought, “There must be a better way.” While some legal matters can only be resolved in the courtroom, Mediation is generally a better choice, offering much higher success rates and lower legal expenses. When expertly guided by a qualified attorney, Mediation saves time and resources and promotes a more amicable resolution. It preserves business relationships and provides a confidential setting to address sensitive issues.

Cobb Cole’s Supreme Court-certified Circuit Civil Mediators excel in helping parties find common ground. Whether it’s a complex business disagreement or a real estate dispute, our attorneys facilitate constructive dialogue that steers parties toward mutually beneficial solutions that Litigation often fails to achieve.

Why Mediation Is Nearly Always Better Than Litigation

Mediation is an informal process led by an impartial third party. Its emphasis on confidentiality sharply differs compared to public courtroom battles and ensures sensitive legal matters are discussed and resolved discreetly, protecting personal privacy and business reputations.

Mediation can also help preserve business and personal relationships, something that can be particularly crucial in disputes where ongoing interactions are expected. It fosters a collaborative environment and encourages parties to engage in constructive dialogue, an empathetic approach that often leads to solutions that satisfy all involved. Unlike the adversarial nature of Litigation, Mediation offers a resolution path that respects and can even strengthen the connections between parties.

Other advantages to Mediation include:

  • Speed and cost-effectiveness. Unlike lawsuits, which can take months or years to complete, many mediated matters are resolved within days or weeks. That translates into savings on legal costs and potential business downtime.
  • Better outcomes and greater compliance. Florida law requires Mediation before a matter goes to trial. Parties tend to be more satisfied with Mediation because issues are not decided by a judge or jury, there’s typically no admission of fault or guilt, and any settlement is mutually agreed to.
  • Enforceability. Agreements reached in Mediation are legally binding and court-enforceable.

How Cobb Cole’s Mediation Experts Can Help

 Our Firm currently has two Supreme Court Certified Mediators.

  • Robert E. Doan is a Supreme Court-Certified Circuit Civil Mediator who is also Board Certified by the Florida Bar in construction law.  He assists businesses, landowners, and professionals in the construction and real estate industries in all Florida counties.  Mr. Doan frequently mediates large, complex, multi-party mediations with many or all parties apearing by Zoom.  
  • Attorney Scott W. Chichon is a Florida Supreme Court Certified Mediator and a Certified Mediator for the Middle District of Florida. He also practices Commercial Litigation focused on real property, foreclosures, Debtor-creditor Law, and more.

Our state-of-the-art facilities provide an ideal setting for small and large-party Mediations and include smart technology screens, reliable Wi-Fi, a break room with refreshments, and beautiful views of the Atlantic Ocean, Halifax River, and downtown Daytona Beach.

While Litigation is sometimes appropriate for complex or high-stakes cases, Mediation can help most parties achieve cost-effective, timely, and mutually satisfactory resolutions.

Contact us today to learn more about the Mediation process and how our Firm can help bring your legal matter to a satisfying conclusion.

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