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Top Cases Our Civil Litigation Attorneys Can Represent You In

Florida civil litigation attorneys represent parties in hearings, trials, arbitrations, and mediations for cases involving legal disputes, often with monetary damage claims. Whether you’ve been served in a civil litigation matter or need to file a lawsuit against someone else, Cobb Cole’s civil litigation team is skilled in developing tailored litigation strategies that help you achieve the best possible outcome.

5 Matters Cobb Cole’s Civil Litigation Attorneys Specialize In

While all litigators are attorneys, not all attorneys are litigators. Litigators, or trial lawyers, handle a matter’s entire process, from pre-trial research to trial and appeal. They’re also excellent settlement negotiators and highly trained in preparing and presenting cases before a judge or jury.

Civil litigation covers a wide range of areas. Here are just five of the matters our civil litigation team can help you resolve.

1. Employment and Labor Law

Florida labor laws ensure employee and employer rights are fully protected. Our team provides legal support for employers in matters related to labor and employment, including wrongful termination, discrimination, wage and hour disputes, and workplace harassment. We represent employers in negotiations, mediations, arbitrations, and trials to ensure fair and lawful treatment in the workplace.

2. Business Litigation

Even well-managed companies can find themselves in complex legal situations. Cobb Cole assists businesses in resolving disputes arising from contracts, commercial transactions, partnerships, corporate governance, and more. Our litigators are skilled in handling complex Corporate and Business Law matters involving breach of contract, business torts, and shareholder disputes to protect your business interests and ensure its continuity.

3. Real Estate Matters

Our real estate law team handles a wide range of issues for both residential and commercial clients, including real estate transactions, land use and zoning disputes, association law, and real estate contracts and closings. We provide comprehensive legal services to ensure your property interests are protected, and your real estate dealings proceed smoothly.

4. Construction Litigation

Florida law can impact construction companies, contractors, and developers in numerous ways. We represent contractors, developers, architects, and property owners in construction and design-related disputes. We’re qualified to cover issues such as construction defects, contract disputes, delays, and payment disputes. We aim to resolve conflicts efficiently and effectively, minimizing disruptions to your construction projects.

5. Estate Planning

We assist clients in developing plans for their futures and the futures of their estates. Along with estate litigation and probate, our estate planning services include creating wills, revocable and irrevocable trusts, family business succession planning, and establishing charitable entities. Our goal is to provide a comprehensive estate planning strategy that ensures your assets are protected and your legacy is preserved.

Cobb Cole Litigation Attorneys: Steadfast Advocacy and Outstanding Results

Whatever type of civil litigation matter you’re dealing with, Cobb Cole can help craft an effective strategy that meets your unique needs. Our litigation attorneys are also trained in Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) approaches, including Arbitration, Mediation, and Collaborative Law, which can help keep your case out of the courtroom.

Contact us online or call 386-255-8171 to learn how we can help bring your civil litigation matter to a positive resolution.

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At Cobb Cole we’ve stacked the deck. Each of our talented attorneys provide uniquely specialized service areas enabling us to offer an expansive variety of essential services to our clients. For each service we offer, multiple attorneys on our team collaborate together so that you get the best service available.

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